Welcome to your Zend Server application on OpenShift

Zend Server is a professional-grade PHP runtime environment ideal for building and running high-quality PHP apps. With Zend Server on OpenShift, you'll get a tested and certified version of the open source PHP engine you already know, plus application deployment and rollback, application monitoring and root cause analysis, advanced debugging, and caching tools. All these tools are web-service enabled and can be fully automated, facilitating easy integration into your continuous delivery cycle. Learn more about Zend Server

Access the Zend Server user interface

Deploying code changes

OpenShift uses the Git version control system for your source code, and grants you access to it via the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. In order to upload and download code to your application you need to give us your public SSH key. You can upload it within the web console or install the RHC command line tool and run rhc setup to generate and upload your key automatically.

Working in your local Git repository

If you created your application from the command line and uploaded your SSH key, rhc will automatically download a copy of that source code repository (Git calls this 'cloning') to your local system.

If you created the application from the web console, you'll need to manually clone the repository to your local system. Copy the application's source code Git URL and then run:

$ git clone <git_url> <directory_to_create>

# Within your project directory
# Commit your changes and push to OpenShift

$ git commit -a -m 'Some commit message'
$ git push

Managing your application

Web Console

You can use the OpenShift web console to enable additional capabilities via cartridges, add collaborator access authorizations, designate custom domain aliases, and manage domain memberships.

Command Line Tools

Installing the OpenShift RHC client tools allows you complete control of your cloud environment. Read more on how to manage your application from the command line in our User Guide.

Development Resources

Zend Server Resources